CTSi Mudbucket Launches New Website

August 11th, 2014

Mudbucket provides the capability to transparently manipulate signal as they pass between system components (black boxes). Available in lab grade, mil-rugged convection, and mil-rugged conduction cooled variants with application specific I/O, Mudbucket enables cost effective integration, testing, prototyping, and LVC training in military aircraft and ground vehicles through embedded stimulation of internal interfaces. US Patent No. 8,619,792.

The name Multiplex Data Bus Translator Transmitter is the title of the original Army Small Business Innovative Research project (A06-086). From the beginning the full name proved too long and the MDBCTT initialism too clumsy for daily use. The blended pronunciation of the acronym "mudbucket" was coined in a moment of creative inspiration and stuck. The "Mudbucket" name pays homage to the original SBIR topic title while separating the evolving technology from a name that does not completely describe the full capabilities of the product.

To learn about Mudbucket's history, capabilities, products, applications and support, feel free to visit the new website here.