Target Processing Center

January 26th, 2016

Lexington Park, MD, 7 January 2016 - CTSi received contract N00014-16-C-1008 under an Office of Naval Research Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) to develop a family of models and algorithms for the Future Naval Capability (FNC) program titled Target Processing Center (TPC). The TPC includes targeting decision aids incorporating multiple information sources, enabling high fidelity projectile recognition, point of origin and point of impact estimates by fusing multiple radar inputs with other available information sources. Through the automation, correlation and fusion of the sensor and intelligence data, this FNC (1) automates and improves geolocation of both point of impact (POI) and point of origin (POO) of artillery, rocket, and mortar (ARM) targets; (2) reduces ARM target false acquisitions; (3) improves timeliness and appropriateness of decision-making and other responses; and (4) enhances threat identification (ID) capability. This FNC will demonstrate that sensor correlation and fusion can expedite accurate firing decisions and provide timely information to the intelligence cycle.

Tom Sanders, CTSi’s Managing Director, says “this BAA award is a testament to the government’s recognition of the depth and breadth of our capability. We are excited to be investigating these technology areas along with co-winners BAE and Raytheon. CTSi looks forward to working with ONR and delivering an outstanding product.”

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