CTSi personnel have provided high-quality technical support to navigation system development, testing, evaluation, and reporting. Our support has ranged from conducting initial requirements trade studies to preparing test plans, executing developmental test events, and preparing test reports.

We've been a prime contractor on Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command projects, providing engineering and logistic services including project management, technical management, fleet engineering support, production engineering, and logistics management. Our engineers have also set up, conducted, tested, collected, and analyzed air, ship, and sensor data for the JPALS Ship System (SS), JPALS Air System (AS), and ATC In-Service Systems (ISSs) – both in the lab environment and aboard CVN and LH class ships.

CTSI is also providing engineering analysis, design, and development; information technology services; and information assurance services in support of existing and developmental shipboard Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems for the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s Combat Integration & Identification Systems (CI&IDS) Division.

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We have experience with the Transponder Landing System (TLS), and its development into a broader Air Traffic Control system. Under our key personnel’s management, the system was enhanced beyond just precision approach capability, but to surveil the airspace in 360 degrees affording the operators the ability to control the aircraft around the airfield. The team developed all aspects of the ATC system, including manuals, training curricula, operator interface design and optimization, safety protocols, and radio and voice switch integration.


  • Developing, testing, evaluating, and reporting
  • Conducting initial requirements trade studies
  • Preparing test plans and executing developmental test events
  • Performing site selection, installation support, and flight inspection 
  • Analyzing ground and flight check data to assess performance
  • Long-term field maintenance and periodic flight inspection
  • Teaching maintenance training courses
  • Developing test cases/procedures to validate training
  • Developing ATC Use Cases for training air traffic controllers