We're specialists in high-tech avionic and mission system integration. CTSi provides a full range of integration services for aircraft, mobile, and fixed platforms, including system concept formulation, system/subsystem/interface design, field service analysis, and installing, integrating, testing, and evaluating systems in the environment.

We can also integrate new or updated technology into legacy architecture – without the platform mission system having any awareness that the new system is present. We can do this on the wire itself, using our patented Mudbucket technology, or by emulating existing subsystems and overdriving data content at the interface level.

By integrating your experimental program into an existing platform earlier rather than later, we can help you achieve risk reduction, accelerate maturity, demonstrate critical technologies years prior to implementation (sometimes even years earlier), and gain the full confidence of your program stakeholders earlier in the funding process.

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  • Evaluate susceptibility of sensor to jamming during CVN cats/traps
  • Assess new or improved data link radio performance prior to production
  • Enhance existing sensor data using function overdrive on the fly
  • Introduce new or improved sensors into existing platforms
  • Perform sensor fusion and implement experimental algorithms
  • Introduce multi-sensor integration (MSI) into legacy pilot-vehicle interfaces
  • Execute sensor performance assessment during harsh carrier landings