CTSi specializes in custom lighting solutions for military and commercial customers.  Our experience includes

  • A battery-operated self-contained Expeditionary Lighting Kit (ELK) that provides NVIS, IR, and white lighting to support US Air Force Special Operations missions
  • A hand-held battery-operated flashlight that provides NVIS, IR, or white lighting
  • LED-based form, fit, and function interior and exterior vehicle lights to replace existing incandescent lights
  • A hand-held battery-operated traffic light used by state and local police forces to direct traffic at accident scenes

Our engineering team works with our customers to review and finalize lighting system requirements and develop conceptual solutions.  We refine the conceptual solutions, develop three-dimensional models, and fabricate prototype components in our local fabrication facility.  We work with our customers to evaluate, test, and refine the prototype to meet their requirements.  We then finalize the manufacturing drawings, stand up a dedicated production area and work flow, and manufacture, inspect, and deliver final products. 

Our design and fabrication teams operate under ISO9001:2015 certified processes and procedures, ensuring high-quality, repeatable products are delivered to our customers.  We use three-dimensional modeling techniques to improve efficiency, and our engineering team coordinates with manufacturing personnel to ensure producibility of final designs.  We work with outside testing facilities to conduct environmental, EMI, and other required testing, and provide data required for operational and safety certifications. 

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