Our expertise in positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) includes experience with precision GPS, optical/infrared systems, enhanced communications, and laser and acoustic systems.

We've developed custom acoustic sensing systems to detect, classify, and locate a variety of sounds: birds, animals, artillery, rockets, vehicles, and many more. These mission optimized systems are useful for detecting the most faint of noises: vehicles, aircraft, enemy voices, and even endangered animals for population studies.

Our Desert Fauna System uses acoustic technology to detect endangered animals and relays the detection to a remote user allowing real-time assessment. The system can triangulate location when data-linked together in groups of two or more, and can operate in the desert for two weeks on batteries and solar power. 

Our next evolution in acoustic technology was the Ad-Hoc Counter Fire system. Here CTSi developed a trilateration technique using multiple Remote Listening Posts (RLPs) whose sound was altered by atmospheric propagation models. This allows the system to geo-locate enemy Artillery, Rocket, and Mortar (ARM) fire to allow counter-battery operations.

We're also investigating the use of Internet-of-things technology to save costs for the US Army, providing superior acoustic detection using smaller, transportable sensors. This will reduce shadow-zones, enhance force protection during movements, and reduce manpower for implanting ground based sensors.

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  • Creating compact Internet-of-things-based OMNI sensors
  • Data-linking sensors to relay detections to user/command posts
  • Developing unique CTSi algorithms requiring only a low-power CPU
  • Acoustic detection plus independent scanning
  • Rapid development of acoustic systems tailored to required capabilities
  • Creating optical, infrared, laser, and acoustic systems