We have a vast background in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) design, development, and flight testing – from concept to operation – with expertise reaching across academia and the aerospace industry. We've executed all stages of the engineering, fabrication, and systems integration process, and we've flown and tested countless unique configurations over the last 35 years. 

A good example of our systems engineering approach is our twin-turbine powered UAS transport aircraft, developed for flight research tasks. We developed this aircraft using our complete "design-build-fly" philosophy, directly exploiting many of our wide-ranging capabilities.

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  • Conceptual design and sizing
  • 3D CAD-driven detailed design and analysis
  • CNC-milled fabrication tooling and jigs
  • Complex composite airframe fabrication
  • Control/avionics/propulsion/landing gear systems design and integration
  • Flight readiness and certification 
  • Operational procedure development
  • Quick-turnaround flight operations
  • Flight data acquisition and analysis