Our fabrication expertise includes rapid prototype machining, electro mechanical assembly, and composite services. We have highly-skilled and trained machinists to manufacture quality machined parts, from sheet metal and welding to advanced CNC machining. We work with an extensive list of all grades of materials and use the latest CAD/CAM programs. Our reputation for consistency and on-time delivery means we're efficient and help drive down costs. 

Our experience with complex mechanical assembly and system integrations means that we can provide a true turnkey solution for products like flight certified equipment racks, custom chassis, and high or low voltage cable assemblies. 

CTSi has a dedicated prototype fabrication shop staff, so we can quickly turn around the most complex CNC machining, sheet metal, welding, and assembly of prototype aircraft and shipboard projects. Project managers oversee the entire project, an aggressive procurement department finds specific raw materials on tight schedules, and our staff ensures that all jobs leave our door made to specification with certifications required. We're ready to take your projects from concept to fruition on-time and on budget.


  • Prototype machining
  • Electro mechanical assembly
  • Composite services
  • Circuit board design and assembly