Our ASROV (Avionics for Scaled Remotely Operated Vehicles) platform is an open-architecture, open-source, high-throughput instrumentation and control system built on the PCI-104 hardware platform. It allows experimental control code to be flown alongside high-reliability flight-critical functions. This ensures flight safety and avoids the need to vet each new experimental algorithm to a high level of assurance.  

The ASROV platform directly interfaces to a large number of external devices, including onboard flight instrumentation, radio control receivers, and the servos that drive the aircraft control surfaces. This large amount of interconnect is accomplished by using field-programmable gate array resources to offload work from microprocessors, leaving more cycles available for other processing. 

CTSi designed the platform to meet the demanding needs of unmanned aircraft research programs, and it can be readily adapted for applications in the Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) community.