Military reservations spend large amounts of resources in time, materials, and manpower in identifying whether endangered or threatened species are present. Labor intensive methods cause stress and disruption to the species under study. 

That's why we developed the Desert Fauna Detection and Tracking System (DFDTS): an acoustic detection system that automatically detects, identifies, and geo-locates animal and bird species vocalizations. Our innovative approach delivers accurate field surveys for any desired species that can vocalize, locates the position where the sound was emitted, uses less labor, uses ordinary people as survey scientists, and operates in rugged environmental conditions. 

The DFDTS uses three systems that share detection bearings to provide real-time position coordinates of ground targets. The ID function can easily be extended to include other targets like gunshots, UAVs, or other noises and the user can teach the ID system based upon collected data. The system was tested with UAVs at the 2017 AUVSI Student Competition.