Our Avionics for Scaled Remotely Operated Vehicles (ASROV) platform provides a full avionics suite for unmanned aircraft systems, particularly the subscale P-18 aircraft. ASROV is the central hardware component of the parameter identification task, combining microprocessor and FPGA technology to host experimental flight control laws for research purposes.

Several independent processors within the ASROV platform provide partitioning of critical tasks, allowing experimental control code to be flown alongside high-reliability flight-critical functions. This ensures flight safety and avoids the need to vet each new experimental algorithm to a high level of assurance. 

The ASROV platform interfaces directly to a large number of external devices, and FPGA resources are used to offload work from microprocessors, leaving more cycles available for other processing. CTSi intends to apply lessons learned from the development of specialized digital signal processors within the platform to guide development of further small custom processors.