CTSi's patented Mudbucket™ allows developers and testers to perform in-the-loop test, analysis, and operations quickly and at lower cost. The product is essentially a powerful bus monitor with the unique capabilities to selectively edit, pass through, or inject messages between devices without making changes to those devices. It thus provides the capability to manipulate data as it moves between system components transparently. 

Mudbucket connects to embedded data bus channels and operates in five modes. The pass-through mode resends data unchanged like a data repeater. The unique selective edit mode manipulates data in real-time as it passes through. The emulate mode reads and writes complete messages like existing bus emulators. The extended 1553 mode allows the 1553 bus traffic to be transmitted over long distances (10+km) with minimal delay. The cyber mode allows the tester to inject messages onto the data bus without interfering with normally operating bus traffic. 

Mudbucket performs all of these functions while remaining transparent to the host system. Monitor and control capabilities are accessed locally or over a network through standardized open interfaces.