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CTSi Develops Counterfire Cueing and Automation (CoCA) System

April 3, 2020

CTSi developed the Counterfire Cueing and Automation (CoCA) system under a 51 month contract for ONR’s Advanced Technology Development for a Future Naval Capability (FNC) program called Target Processing Center (TPC) Sensor Correlation and Fusion.

The CTSi portion of CoCA includes an advanced stable non-linear geo-location algorithm, two Target ID algorithms, a threat/risk model, a propagation model, and a Sensor Planner toolkit that will plan acoustic sensor on the battlefield and optimize their locations. The GUI based tool allows users to define their scenario complete with threats, sensors, wind and weather and then will optimize the sensor locations to maximize system performance. The toolkit also includes a medium fidelity acoustic simulator and real time mode operation.

In the real-time mode, Sensor Planner collects data from CTSi developed low-cost Wi-Fi enabled IoT sensors. These sensors auto-locate, sync acoustic samples to GPS, and relay threshold detections to Sensor Planner for processing. Sensor planner will integrate to other acoustic sensors over Wi-Fi or ethernet.

CoCA was successfully integrated into USMC tactical net at MCTSSA in December 2019. Sensor Planner sent acoustic detections to the BAE portion of CoCA who forwarded these as radar cues via AFATDS. These cues can prompt the radar to radiate and only search over a small sector thus minimizing emissions.

The full system Demo had to be cancelled due to CoVID-19, but CTSi successfully conducted a test event on 30 March 2020 that demonstrated system performance.

See the video for an example here

POC:  William Horn ( / Phone:  301-880-3341