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CTSi Wins an SBIR for an Air/Ship Embedded Training Environment

December 2, 2019

Coherent Technical Services, Inc (CTSi) has been awarded a Phase 1 SBIR from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop a Simulated Air Scenario Embedded Training (SASET) environment for both pilots and ship personnel. Utilizing already developed technologies along with hardware and software technology refreshes, CTSi plans to ensure the system is platform independent on both the air and ship sides.

According to ONR, the Navy is looking for "innovative solutions of technologies to support and facilitate training objectives with a low cost and small footprint." Previous to this award, through the Embedded Trainer project, CTSi has developed the ability to simulate targets and seamlessly mix them with live targets while the training aircraft is in flight. Utilizing the CTSi patented MUDBUCKET, which was also developed under an SBIR, the hardware and software is hosted inside the aircraft with only minimal hardware and no software changes to the platform itself.

Using this developed technology, when added to the training aircraft, SASET will seem like any other sensor on the aircraft bus to all legacy equipment. However, SASET will be able to pass through, remove, modify or add messages to mimic the live system. Using this ability, scenarios can be built for any training purpose requested. When seen from a pilot's point of view, the training scenario is no different from a live event as all aircraft systems react as they normally would.

Under the Phase I award, CTSi will develop the systems engineering for both the aircraft and the ship and develop a plan to build and demonstrate a prototype system under a further contract.