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Dr Jack Sanders-Reed Joins CTSi to further drive Optical Tracking and Image Processing efforts

February 9, 2021

CTSi is pleased to announce the addition of Dr Jack Sanders-Reed as a new employee at CTSi.  Dr Sanders-Reed is formerly a Boeing Technical Fellow and Chief Technologist and holds a Ph.D. in physics.  Jack also is a Fellow for the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.  He holds 6 patents and has 1 pending Patent application.  He also has over 25 publications including a book titled “Photonic Rules of Thumb.”  Jack brings expertise in Advanced vision Systems, Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing (ATP), Optical Image processing, Photogrammetry, and Autonomous Aerial Refueling.  This expertise is critical for CTSi’s work on the Autonomous Aerial Refueling program, along with a new commercial project recently awarded to CTSi.  Jack will be providing technical leadership and expertise in the development of new algorithms and solutions for our Optical Tracking and Image Processing efforts.  He will also be mentoring current CTSi staff.     We are very excited to have him here at CTSi.